Building the soul, 

Increasing the chance for life

Yossi, Ronnie, and Danny were the same age when they entered the hospital.
They met in the oncology department of the hospital and became friends. The cancer had already spread in their young bodies, and they were undergoing severe chemotherapy treatments.

After a year and four months, two of them – Yossi and Ronnie were unfortunately  already gone.. But Danny, whose condition was initially worse than the other two, kept on living. He survived the treatments, and overcame the cancer, and he entered remission phase!

Nowadays, two years later, he tells us what gave him the reason to live: a purpose. Back then, during those terrible days, he began studying languages, computers, and the Bible. When he was asked why, he said that he's planning to become a teacher, right after completing the treatments.

He planned his future, and that's how he survived.
The doctors sometimes fail to reinforce the fact that much depends on the mental state of the sick child. "A goal for life" gives the child a spiritual strength, not only reassuring them but even saving their life.

Many organizations provide medical assistance to children who have cancer, providing medical support to sick children and their families.
But what about the soul? "Lev Malka" puts the child at the center and provides him/her with a "goal for life." This is the only charitable organization that firstly offers moral support, thanks to our dedicated staff who are devoted to the cancer-stricken children, giving them hope during the hardest times when they are disconnected from their studies, hobbies and the experiences of their peers.

As the treatment progresses, their suffering deepens, and the sense of loneliness intensifies. Despite receiving the best counseling and medical care, offered by different parties, the child stays alone – depressed, brought down, distant from any dreams and positive activities.

The sick children aren’t alone anymore. “Lev Malka” reaches out to them, providing them with a comprehensive support system on the mental-emotional level; allowing them to get back to school, enjoying enriching activities and social interaction and overall – re-building their purpose in life.

The organization is composed of three divisions: curriculum, enrichment, and holiday camps and retreats, designed to bring joy back to their lives. These combined activities bring back hope to the children's' life and brings light to their faces. Being unable to study in a classroom, they get back their schooling routine, having the opportunity to get back to studies with the help of professional tutors who accompany the children, helping them to fill the gaps in the main subjects. The benefit is two-fold: the children enjoy the satisfaction from their studies, as well as establishing a "goal in life." The desperate child regains a clear vision of himself, being able to choose his/her own future.

The extracurricular enrichment activities, provided by the organization, provide the children with extra-knowledge, including music and arts sections upon the child’s request. Additionally, every child may participate in exciting activities in Israel and beyond, organized by "Lev Malka's" dedicated staff.

Establishing a goal in life has proven itself as highly effective in increasing the chances of recovery for sick children. Setting a goal for life causes a magnitude of change in the child’s mental state and fills his weakened body with renewed forces to fight and conquer the disease.

The children want more…
“Lev Malka” calls on you to join and participate in this life-saving activity. Please, do not leave these kids alone.
Come and set a goal for the life of children with cancer to be the change that increases their chances of living.