From singing to painting
Getting back to the creative world

The various extracurricular enrichment activities allow the children to forget their diseases. Whether it’s music, singing or art, they dive into the world of sounds and colors, leaving the disease and the hospital behind. In one moment, the sick children return to a life full of creativity and joy.

They attend the extracurricular enrichment division, sometimes coming from painful chemotherapy treatments, tired and exhausted. But miraculously, the creativity always sparks renewed abilities in them.
Sounds and paintings engulf them in these activities, and the children are taken into a world full of hope and joy.

Extracurricular Enrichment Division

The extracurricular activities of “Lev Malka” excite and fascinate children at the hospitals while they’re getting a short and pleasurable respite from the painful treatments, filling them with hope and renewed energy.
The sick children are able to express their deep feelings during these activities, more often than not, they surprise their parents with their creative abilities.

personI’m going to be a singer Yoni, nine years old, Rishon Lezion I love the classes of “Lev Malka” because they bring change. I’m not the saddest kid anymore.


personI’m not the saddest kid anymore. Ram, 14 years old, Tel Aviv.  Before the classes, I was the saddest kid in the hospital.