You didn’t get it wrong

A sick child that travels and has fun too!

When visitors come to the Holiday camps and retreats, they sometimes think they are in the wrong place. They expect to see sick and sad children, but surprisingly, they see joy, hear laughter, and witness genuine happiness…

The activities and the fun trips in Israel and beyond organized by “Lev Malka” manage to excite the children time after time and take them to new realms of joy and laughter…

And when the parents see it, they cry… tears of joy.
And the doctors at the hospital see the results.

The Holiday camps and retreats Division

The fun activities for a child, or a thrilling outing, means getting back to life. Not only does it stimulate the blood and raise the adrenaline level, the child sees that it’s possible to smile again, that it’s worth it – not to give in to the sickness.

The Holiday camps and retreats Division of “Lev Malka” organization invests considerable efforts and resources into these activities, hence offering the exciting results.

Complicated logistics are required in order to arrange the special medical equipment needed by some of the sick children in order to get them out of the hospital, and everything is done by “Lev Malka” volunteers with full devotion.

personFresh air and not from the hospital’s garden Yochai, 11 years old, Northern Israel. “The trips of ‘Lev Malka’ are an excellent reason to get up and out of bed.”


personDudi, 15 years old, Herzliya
“I was tired of all the painful treatments at the hospital. I could no longer stand all the drugs.”