Letters of appreciation

To Haim / Lev Malka
Thank you for the activity day in Jerusalem. It was amazing and fun anywhere we went.
In the Knesset, in the restaurant with the songs and in the evening at the Western Wall – everything was simply amazing.
We hope for more trips and looking forward to it.
Please stay in touch with us.
Thank you very much





Dear Miri
I meant to call and thank you today, but I was at the Emergency Room.
Thank you so much for insisting that we go on the trip.
I thank all the lovely families, the Rabbi and his wife and all the volunteers, everybody has joy and love in their hearts, and it was felt in every moment.
Endless physical and moral support.
The lovely places we visited and the family at Zait moshav that hosted us so nicely.
Thank you for the experience and fun. We wait for more.
Huge thank you to everyone who is involved in this work,
The founders, the donors, the volunteer, the good people, the staff, those who keep doing, those who admire and everyone else.
We rejoiced, leisured, rested, strengthened, and even forgot for a while.
Thank you and keep it up!

Hi Miri,
We were very happy to spend a vacation at Kibbutz Lavi. My son Yosef and later myself, had so much fun at Kangaroo Garden, feeding the kangaroos and spending time in the hotel itself, with great meals and separate rooms.
We also enjoyed sailing on a ship on the first and second days, the coasters and the funicular, as well as the lovely volunteers’ team who entertained us with music, played on the guitar and through the radio, the bus driver Shlomo, Nachman, Isaiah and others I may have forgotten.
Also, the volunteer with the guitar always made sure we had enough drinking water. Rabbi Aberman is a lovely and charming person; he has a real spirit a lot of giving. Yafit, the clown, created a wonderful evening for us, filled with singing and engaging the kids in dances with many costumes and accessories and received a lot of candy and magnet photos. The child Natan Atiya moved us all when he got his diploma for being saved from death. In short, we wanted to thank you for two days of non-stop fun, as well as Lea, Rivka and the bus driver and everyone else I might have forgotten and contributed and helped, we’d love to remain in touch and may God bless you and reward you for all your contribution.

I’m Itzik, Daniel Levi’s father.
According to Daniel, he really enjoyed, and there was non-stop activity. The accommodation and the food during the last day, by the hosting family.
In short, in his words, it was perfect… and way too short.
Itzik Levi.









Hello to all the members of the association and the dear volunteers,
We were very pleased to get to know you and feel the warmth of your wide hearts.
The vacation was amazing! It provided our rooting and gave all of us a respite from the worries and the routine, allowing us to enjoy as a family and gain strength for the future.
The rooting program put a huge smile on our faces, from the morning and until the night and that’s the greatest power we could have received!!
It was felt that you thought about every detail, creating a welcoming and warm attitude, bringing joy and making the effort that everything will go as great as possible.
Bless you, thank you so much,
Blass Family
Ein Harod United




To “Lev Malka” organization
And those who lead this amazing charitable organization,
The Aberman Family
We have no words to thank you for the wonderful vacation at “Nir Etzion” during Hanukkah and for all of the programs in general…
I stood during the lighting of the candles, watching the kids with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart, praying to God that they’ll soon see the light of our Messiah of righteousness… I wish the Lord will send them health in body and soul for eternity, Amen…
You have no idea how strong and encouraged we returned to our home, after seeing that there are miracles and wonders happening with the sick kids. Pini enjoyed greatly and was happy to spend time with the charming volunteer, as well as with his friends for life… (who stood by him during his illness…)
And all of this was done with pure heart and modesty. May you have everything and lack of nothing.
Thank you again and again.
Pini and his mom.

To the “Lev Malka” family!
Toby returned truly “lighted,” you’ve truly enlightened and delighted!
You could say there’s something unique in your camps. The kids return from them joyful and calm. A short and sweet camp that gives the force to go on!
Keep going, may the Lord shower you with strength and delight to continue lightening your hearts!
Thank you!
We can’t wait for the next time…
The Brandstetter Family

To “Lev Malka”
The lights went out and the shadows formed….
The menorah of Hanukkah had also extinguished…
And we were left excited and grateful for an unusual experience.
The camp was extraordinary and left us with a great feeling. The experiences were special, the atmosphere warm and most of all… We were marveled…
By the concern to every detail, the family-like atmosphere created by the dedicated volunteers who gave their soul.
Thinking about feeling every moment with another experience that will give the strength to go on…
We wanted to thank for all of that and wish that the Lord will fulfill all the wishes and you’ll be able to do more good…
In appreciation,
Sari Levi and her sister Rivki.

To Rabbi Aharon Lev Aberman
Chairman of “Lev Malka” organization and all the family members
Title: “grace and giving with no limits”
That is the essence of “Lev Malka.”
Although we’re sure that no words can express and illustrate the feeling we have in our hearts right now and from the moment we went on vacation at “Nir Etzion” hotel.
With the family, along with our dear son Yekutiel, who thankfully healed from the terrible disease. The feeling was great during the two days we spent in so many places. We felt such warmth of giving – we looked around and saw that the dozens of families feel the same.
We highly appreciate it and know it requires a lot of preparation and work, to create such a vacation.
And for that, we thank you very much…
And a special blessing for the many volunteers and the big team,
We wish every one of them the very best, hoping that God will reward you from heaven with twice of fortune for what you do.
With good wishes and blessing,
Shlomo and Tova Alias and the Family,
Kiryat Sanz, Netanya
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The joyful mother joins…
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I wanted to thank you from the depth of my heart. I thank the amazing team of “Lev Malka” for the perfect vacation.
The children had a lot of fun.
The kindness and warmth we received from the team were exceptional. We got a lot of help with the kids, and the planning, everything was so perfect. Thank you again from the depths of our hearts for everything you do and keep going,
With much love
Cohen Family






Dear Rabbi Aberman and his spouse!
Now that everything is behind us
And the heart is full, bursting with emotions
We want to express our appreciation and gratitude,
for endless support and encouragement,
For strengthening and praying for us
And for a real and honest cooperation in striving for our success
We were excited to see what a very special person you are
by doing everything for the sake of the child only
Not for politics or a good picture
Only to add a smile and joy
And for that, our heart is full of gratitude and appreciation.
Eliyahu Traub
His parents and the whole family
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We wanted to give you our heartfelt thanks for the “Fun Day in Jerusalem” you arranged for us about two weeks ago.
We enjoyed all the activities and attractions greatly
Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.
The guys treated the kids so nicely, and the meal was delightful.
It was so fun at the inflatable’s and in the Science museum, as well as in the garden.
We enjoyed greatly every second.
I wish that God will reward you goodness twice as much and fulfill all your wishes. May you always bring joy to kids and children and deliver so much kindness.
With great appreciation,
The Haiman Family

To Rabbi Aharon Aberman
And the wonderful people who manage “Lev Malka” organization with him.
I approach writing, and although I’m excited and thrilled, my pen is dry, and I cannot write, but my heart is full and overflows with joy to the page, speaking for itself. We were on a trip on Wednesday and Thursday, first and second candles of Hanukkah and I didn’t manage to learn the Midrashic and Hanukkah writings, but I did witness the miracle.
I saw my daughter as a lighted candle that in the morning lay in her hospital bed, suffering, receiving morphine for her pain, and at the same day in the evening I saw the candle turning into a blazing torch, when she laughed happily while watching a hopping ball on the artist’s head and getting exciting when she got a magnet photo of herself and marveled at the sight of the Kozak dances from Vizhnitz hasids.
When I saw the shift in her mood and seeing the manifestation of the order “when visiting the sick – make him live”, and as in the Rabbi Akiva story, when he came visiting his sick student, and when finished, the student told him “Dear Rabbi, you’ve brought me to life!” it was obvious to everyone who watched that it was a real miracle performed on these children.
Congratulations on fulfilling this Mitzvah! May the Lord be with you so you’d continue your activity, keep helping the children to live through their sickness with blessing and joy on your hands.
Israel Taube and the family

To Rabbi Aberman
On Purim days, we ought to be happy, praise, and appreciate. And now we have the opportunity to express our gratitude from the depth of our heart.
For your diligent work and great efforts,
For you great work and the daily contribution to install joy in the heart of every sick child and his family.
Creating positive thinking
and planting an optimistic vision.
Turning the heart and the thoughts toward hope and seeing good
Recharging and strengthening
Children and families.
May this Purim joy fill us with many hopes
and the joy of the holiday will not come to an end
But will continue indefinitely!!
With great appreciation!!

Eliyahu Traub and his family.
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To the honorable Rabbi Aberman – Chairman of “Lev Malka.”
It’s been almost six weeks since the special and memorable vacation in which my daughter Nahumi Greenwald and her sister participated, and I still feel huge gratitude for all you did for her.
A brain tumor was discovered in my Nahumi right after the holidays, and in a moment (or more, it’s been few months that she didn’t function and felt unwell due to the diagnosis) her life changed…
The regular routine of being at home and in the hospital turned into a routine. At best, we returned home and slept or spent time in the oncology ward. Nahumi felt very bad and responded acutely to the chemotherapy treatments. She was so weak and lost all contact with the world outside, isolated from her friends and school. That was the time we heard about your camp that was supposed to be purely in the spirit of God and with a family member. My Nahumi’s eyes lighted up like a lamp. Because any other arrangement wasn’t suitable to her and she didn’t even consider going without her sister. You gave her the option to go to a purely Kosher camp and with a nurse and not a volunteer, but with two of her sisters who were so close to her when they went to school as a company of three. She came back with her laugh and her charm. I can’t describe to you with words what the camp did for her. We even decided to postpone the beginning of radiation treatments for a week in order for her to go. And suddenly she felt that she could!!! Felt like she’s living and breathing!!! and even gaining something… From the disease.
After a long period of time when she moved only by a wheelchair, she managed without, enjoyed the sail, the tracking, and everything in such a special and family-like atmosphere. She gained confidence in her ability, and not only in Hadassah… not only the ward with all its colors and smells… but in nature, breathing joy and light… The meeting with the girl who experienced what she had and is now on the path to recovery – it gave her so much!
Nahumi hadn’t said a word in the department, and during these months she didn’t communicate with any of the volunteers and the personnel of the hospital. Accompanied by her sisters, she found herself drawn into the personal stories of each and every one. She understood that she’s not the only one who got sick, there are more! And everyone’s coping!
God Bless, they’re doing so successfully, getting better and enjoying life! She is participating in all of the activities!
There are no words I can describe the contribution this encounter made to her soul and body… How much strength and openness it provided. And I must add, that during the many months Nahumi spent in the hospital, I felt that even her closest sisters could not understand what she went through, and they didn’t have shared experiences. They went to school and met with friends… Studied for exams and struggled with the facts that mom and dad aren’t home and being worried about their sister. While she was with her feelings and emotions…
This camp gave them shared experience. They also listened to how other girls deal with the illness, saw sick children, and understood more… the experiences! The delightful experiences! The excitement! The laughter! And the feeling of freedom! The fun! All of these were an experience that Nahumi shared with her sisters, and despite the weeks that passed, they still talk about it… reminiscing and laughing. The camp returned Nahumi to them, and I must say that the change in Nahumi since the beginning of the camp was enormous! It gave her tremendous power, and although she started radiation treatment right afterward, she suddenly dared to try! To speak! To believe! We thank you for everything.
Only the Almighty God – the Merciful and the Omnipotent can repay you what you deserve and shower you with joy, grace, and peace as you’ve earned!
We wish the Lord will reinforce you, and you’ll continue your amazing work, bringing joy to God’s children, and with His help, they all may be healed and saved.
We thank you deeply, beyond words.
Greenwald Family

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To the important organization, “Lev Malka.”