Making a child's dream come trueOur goal is to alleviate the pain and suffering of the terminally ill and their families, by offering them support and assistance on various levels. We operate a fleet of ambulances to transport those that require transportation to and from hospitals or doctors etc.

We also organize programs of entertainment and outings for the sick and their extended families, to relieve the pressure of their daily routines and to give these children a much needed break and getaway from their troubled lives, and “to bring back the smile to these children”.

Lev Malka is also the third largest blood donor in Israel. We run blood drives on a regular basis, maintain a database of potential donors for thrombocytes and bone marrow. We distribute the blood to those who need it for surgery etc. free of charge.

Lev Malka's ambulance fleet in Jerusalem

מעבר לעברית
Give hope to a child with cancer

You can help Lev Malka assist tens of thousands of sick and needy Israelis by supporting our programs and services. To charge your donation to a credit card, click the button.
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