If you have studies, friends and fun experiences,

You have a reason to get up in the morning

The Holiday camps and retreats for children with cancer is the flagship program of “Lev Malka.” It gives them purpose in life, after the sudden isolation from their friends and school routine.
In the campus, the sick children acquire a renewed moral support thanks to the three departments of the organization:
Studies division, enrichment division, and Holiday camps and retreats division.
That way, they receive comprehensive goals for their lives, along with renewed hopes. They have something worth getting up for in the morning. They enjoy studies, friends, and experiences.

Studies Division

In a class that is almost regular, the sick child receives a carefully crafted curriculum of math, computers, and the Bible, led by private tutors who are entirely devoted to their unique role.

While in class, every effort is made in order to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that ensures the child’s peace of mind. The content is delivered in the sharpest, simplest and concise way, enabling every child to understand the material and advance quickly. The learning material is taught in the most engaging and positively-challenging way.

A child who studies is a child with a plan. He’s not lagging behind. A child who studies is one that plans his/her own future and thinks about the profession he/she will have and is full of joy. The various studies material offers the child the opportunity to forget the needles and the treatment, distancing him/her from the pain.

personDanny, 11 years old, Jerusalem
“The attitude of ‘Lev Malka’ teachers is so great that it’s worth to attend these studies, even just for that.”


personNatan, 12 years old, Haifa
“Studying in ‘Lev Malka’ programs enriches me in every way. More than anything else”.


personYair, 14 years old, Tel Aviv
“Thank the studies program of ‘Lev Malka’ I’m learning, first of all, and stop feeling left out.”